Audio Analogue Bellini Anniversary Preamplifier

Brand: Audio Analogue

Bellini Anniversary Preamplifier

The Bellini Anniversary preamplifier, the new born of Audio Analogue, designed in the Airtech laboratories, is part of the Anniversary line, re-proposing another of the historical products of Audio Analogue. The only thing in common between this new model and the previous versions of Bellini remains the name, while the project and the technical solutions used are completely new. Starting from the excellent base constituted by the preamp section of the Maestro Anniversary integrated amplifier, the novelties with respect to the latter are however multiple. The first is the power supply stage that has been completely redesigned using an inductive-capacitive filtering to minimise mains disturbs. The filter inductance has been designed and manufactured specifically for this device. The amplification stage, called SeGeSTA (Single Gain Stage Transconductance Amplifier), has been designed to make the preamplifier even quieter while keeping the structure completely balanced and without global feedback. The circuit has 4 layers and the positioning of the components has been carefully thought out to avoid crossings between the input and output signals and above all between the digital control signals and the sensitive analog signals. The use of audiograde components and internal wiring made with 7N OCC pure copper cables complete the picture. Bellini Anniversary is available in silver and black finish and it is supplied with solid aluminium remote control and Airtech power cord.

Technical description

Inductive power supply to reduce any type of disturb from the mains to the line stage, zero global feedback from input to output, fully differential circuit (differential input and differential output) with discrete components dual-mono configuration, digital volume control without operational amplifiers, relay input switches to minimise non-linearity, oversized military resistors to minimise thermal distortion, "Audiograde" capacitors based on Airtech specification, microcontroller management, Airtech internal wiring and gold plated connectors.

Technical features

Channels: 2

RCA inputs: 3

XLR inputs: 2

Unbalanced outputs: 2

Balanced outputs: 2

Input impedance: 47kOhm

Unbalanced output gain: 5dB

Balanced output gain: 11 dB

Frequency response (attenuation 0.5dB): 200KHz

Unbalanced output noise (Band 0 Hz - 8kHz): ≈24µV

Unbalanced output noise (Band 0 Hz - 8kHz) - A weighted: ≈9µV

Balanced output noise (Band 0 Hz - 8kHz): ≈37µV

Balanced output noise (Band 0 Hz - 8kHz) - A weighted: ≈14µV

SNR (0dB/A weighted/ref. 2vRms) - unbalanced output: ≈107dB

SNR (0dB/A weighted/ref. 2vRms) - balanced output: ≈103dB

Standby power consumption (230VAC): 0.7W

Dimensions(HxWxD): 140x450x380 mm

Weight: 12 Kg

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