Black Rhodium Cantata DCT++ CS

Brand: Black Rhodium

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Cantata from Black Rhodium is exceptional. It is made from conductor wires of cryogenically processed pure palladium. It is most probably the most technically advanced audio cable currently available. In that it is truly special and most probably unique.


But Cantata is much more than a cable made from advanced conductor wires. The design of Cantata incorporates many additional design features researched and tested to deliver the best possible sound quality in an environment of extraneous mechanical vibration, magnetic fields and radio frequency electrical noise. 

The conductor wires in the Cantata are made from pure palladium. Black Rhodium's research over many years has failed to identify any other conductor material that can give the same naturally pure quality of sound.


Cantata is also covered in a braided screen to protect the inner cores from picking up radio frequency interference (RFI) by twisting the cores. The screen is connected at only end only to prevent ‘loop aerials’ between equipment picking up noise.

Cantata is treated with Black Rhodium's advanced DCT++ Deep Cryogenic Treatment. This involves temperature processing above and below room temperature. The DCT++ process alters the molecular structure of the cable to improve uniformity. The benefits of this are everlasting and bring an improvement to every single aspect of the cables performance.

Cantata is fitted with two Graham Nalty Legacy Range VS-2 Vibration Stabilisers. This Vibration Stabiliser has been specially designed to reduce audible cable distortion in cables by limiting the effects of vibrations travelling through the conductor wires which can cause audible distortion to your music.

The Cantata RCA is terminated with specially designed GRAHAM NALTY LEGACY RANGE GN-4 RCA connectors. These have been specially manufactured to ensure that Black Rhodium cables deliver the very best sound quality possible. 


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