Black Rhodium Hercules

Brand: Black Rhodium

The Black Rhodium Hercules mains cable is thoroughly screened with three separate layers of screening to not only prevent any high transients in the cable from interfering with other cables nearby, but also to protect the mains voltages it carries from all external noise.

It is treated with Black Rhodium's advanced DCT++ cryogenic processing treatment. This involves temperature processing above and below room temperature. The DCT++process alters the molecular structure of the cable to improve uniformity. The benefits ofthis are everlasting and bring an improvement to every single aspect of the cables performance. In addition to DCT++, Hercules is also treated with the Crystal Sound Process. The Crystal Sound process, which is applied to the cable following the completed DCT++ process, refocuses the outermost skin of the conductor. The result is that the surface of theconductor is more closely packed and regular, and has a continuity which aids conductionthrough removal of voids left by the drawing process.

Hercules has been designed to give a very clear diction of a singer’s voiceand separates musical instruments superbly through a dramatic reduction of ‘TransientPhase Distortion’, which is reduced by using thicker insulation than is usual ininterconnect cables, increasing the distance between conductors.

The Hercules cables are fitted with the Graham Nalty legacy Range VS-1 Vibration Stabiliser. The vibration stabiliser has been specially designed to reduce audiblecable distortion in cables by limiting the effects of vibrations travelling through theconductor wires which can cause audible distortion to your music. The benefits of a tightersound of the VS-1 are enjoyed in all types of music, but in particular plucked strings such asdouble basses and harps are reproduced in a much sharper presentation.

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