Black Rhodium Rhapsody

Brand: Black Rhodium

The Black Rhodium Rhapsody is based on applying Black Rhodium’s high end cable technology to more modestly specified products to appealto a much wider audience.

Rhapsody is hand built at the Black Rhodium factory in Derby usingselected components and materials with a proven record for sound quality enhancementas demonstrated in Black Rhodium’s range of high end cables.

Rhapsody delivers not only very fast and sharp leading edges to yourmusic but also more natural lingering decays as the notes die down.

It use silicone rubber insulation because itslow dielectric loss ensures extremely low distortion due to dielectric absorption effects. Dielectric Absorption occurs when the electric audio signal in the cable is absorbed in theinsulation and released at a later interval of time to create highly audible time-smearingdistortion.

In addition the soft absorbent nature of silicone rubber absorbs mechanical vibrationeffects in the cable cores and reduces the audible distortion caused by mechanical energyin the conductor wires.

Rhapsody also uses RFI suppression technology originally development for high end cables in its construction. This protects the signal wires from picking up radio frequency interference (RFI) generated from Radio, Wifi, Mobile Phones and even central heating systems.

The result is less audible distortion allowing cleaner, clearer sounds to be enjoyed from your equipment.

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