Black Rhodium Samba VS-1

Brand: Black Rhodium

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Samba VS-1 loudspeaker cable has been designed to offer the benefits of the revolutionary Graham Nalty Legacy Range VS-1 Vibration Stabiliser to much wider audience.

The design of SAMBA VS-1 is based on the highly successful Samba speaker cable that was awarded the top 5 Globes award in Hi-Fi World magazine. It has been designed to apply the musical benefits of the GN LEGACY VS-1 Vibration Stabiliser to the highly successful SAMBA loudspeaker cable.  The vibration stabiliser has been specially designed to reduce audible cable distortion in cables by limiting the effects of vibrations travelling through the conductor wires which can cause audible distortion to your music.

The Samba VS-1 gives a very clear diction of a singer’s voice and separates musical instruments superbly through a dramatic reduction of ‘Transient Phase Distortion’ which is reduced by using thicker insulation than is usual in speaker cables, increasing the distance between conductors and thereby reducing the magnetic field seen in each conductor wire as a result of the magnetic field created by the current in the other conductor wire. The benefit in listening is a clearer and more open sound quality.

The Samba is also continuously twisted along their length to prevent the cable acting as a loop aerial.  A cable that is untwisted has a larger surface area, therefore has a greater ability to attract RFI/EMI signals generated from Radio, Wifi, Mobile Phones and even central heating systems.

Silicone rubber insulation for accurate portrayal of the leading edges and decays in music

Samba is twisted along the length of the cable to prevent the loop "aerial" effect to prevent audible distortion to sound quality

Terminated with high end rhodium plated GN-1 rhodium plated straight line contact banana plugs for cleaner, livelier sound

 Price per mono meter (unterminated) per reel £45.00. 

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