Audio Analogue


Audio Analogue was born in the beautiful corner of Tuscany between Pistoia, Lucca and Pisa in 1995. The synergy between high-end audio experts, electronic engineers specialised in the most different fields of electronic design and commercial managers with many years of experience in different fields could only create the basis of what is Audio Analogue today: a company but above all one of the most popular brands in Italy and in the World able to satisfy the tastes of the most demanding audiophiles.

Products always fully MADE IN ITALY, in the heart, soul and substance, using mainly small and very qualified local industries and artisans to make the most of Italian excellence and grow the quality of our and their work. Devices completely hand-crafted, tested with first-class instrumentation, but also and above all with listening tests, always rediscovering the emotion of having created something that can in turn give emotions through listening to your favourite music.


What is the goal of a high fidelity device? The answer may seem simple or almost rhetorical, to reproduce voices, sounds and noises as they are created naturally. The answer is so easy but it is not as easy to realise the devices that allow us to implement fully this intention.

The main function of a unit created with this purpose is to manage a music signal and propose it to the fullest, but what does it mean to propose it in the best way?

Music is a wonderful world of the full cycle of our lives, gives us emotions, makes us laugh or cry, makes us remember and especially helps us to live, is the most abstract art form but also the easiest and most immediate to understand.

To reproduce a musical event, means making it more enjoyable to listen and keep trying to convey the emotions wrapped in the execution of the author or performer.

The basic concept that we use for the design and development of our equipment and the target we set ourselves is to get so high fidelity compared to the live event, but above all what primarily interests us is to get the '"high musicality" and then listening pleasure over time.

This is the reason why in the early stages of the project, the latest refinements are always those made "by ear" and that is just taking long listening sessions and going to touch those who are in our view the key points in the architecture of the device for the desired results.


Audio Analogue products have always been characterised by a sober aesthetics, clean lines and regular shapes so that they can be easily placed in any listening environment. While always maintaining this objective, we can still say that our products are easily identifiable within a store, whether they are displayed together with other devices of the same type, whether they are protagonists of the system in demonstration, this because we have always tried to maintain even in the shapes and materials chosen the DNA given by Made in Italy. In addition, always with the aim of maintaining its own character and identity, in the various product lines developed over the years, we have always tried to maintain a basic consistency that made the devices unique and recognisable compared to others.