Art Vinyl

Founded in London, England in 2005, Art Vinyl is the original way to display your favourite vinyl records.

Perfect for music or art enthusiasts and those with an eye for stylish interior design. The first real champions of Art & Design for vinyl records, Art Vinyl also curate exhibitions celebrating the best in sleeve design.

Play & Display Flip Frames

Art Vinyl understand that no two records are alike; with this in mind their Flip Frames are specially designed and manufactured to compensate for differences in the thickness of LP or 12″ records when displayed in the frame. This is achieved thanks to the unique ‘sponge finger’ system on the back of the Flip Frame, which ensures that any 12″ record will fit comfortably and securely inside.

The Flip Frames UV protected crystal clear front window brings out every detail of your favourite album artwork, while protecting your precious vinyl from sunlight, dust and with the back plate of the frame, soft pads at each corner ensure that the frame sits neatly against your wall.

Play & Display Flip Frames come fully assembled and beautifully packaged, ready to attach to your wall with just one screw (fixture included in the box).

Play & Display Triplepacks

The Play & Display Triplepack of Flip Frames, allow you to develop broader vinyl record displays in your home. We understand how fans of music, art or interior design love to express their passion for vinyl art by using multiple vinyl records within their displays. The Triplepack give you that flexibility, while offering you great value compared with buying three frames individually.

Art Vinyl as Affordable Art

As a fan of Art Vinyl we would expect you to enjoy our Play & Display products for a lifetime as you can change your display over time, as you change or you discover more vinyl art.

Using the Flip Frame for vinyl is our core product design objective but remember there’s a whole host of objects you can use to complete your display such as Calendars, Prints and T-Shirts.

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