Atacama began as a partnership in 1969 as a sub-contract engineering company specializing in high quality aerospace work and became a supplier to prestigious companies such as Rolls Royce, GEC and British Aerospace. The business was incorporated in 1976 and continued in this industry until the late eighties.

From the very early days, it had always been the ambition of the then Managing Director, Mr Ron Sambell, to manufacture their own commercial product. The sub-contract market had always been unpredictable and by producing their own branded products it was clear that they could plan our future more easily and therefore be in control of their own destiny, rather than rely on others.

The early products had moderate success, but in 1987 the company began to develop an innovative design of Hi-Fi speaker stand. The initial reaction to the design from local specialist retailers was very encouraging, and manufacturing began that year on a very small scale as part of a pilot marketing campaign.

Unfortunately the project was shelved in 1988 as the manufacturing capacity on our core business was overwhelmed.

It was quite clear from the outset that their design was different to anything else that was on the market at that time. The competition were offering industrial looking products that were fairly costly. The problem when designing a speaker stand is that it firstly needs to be functional, i.e. it needs to be sonically dead and be able to absorb the vibration from the speaker that it supports. Functionality is reasonably easy to achieve, but trying to combine functionality with visual appeal is not so, particularly when you consider that this type of product is likely to be sitting in someone's lounge. The design brief was clear, design a high performance speaker stand whilst creating a product that was aesthetically pleasing to the eye and at the same time retain a competitive price point. The first product to emerge in 1992 was the ‘SE' series of speaker stands, launched under the new ATACAMA brand name.

From these early days the company grew from strength to strength and in 2001 Atacama launched the Equinox Series of equipment support to compliment our award winning speaker stands. Within a few years Equinox became the equipment support of choice, winning PRODUCT OF THE YEAR in What HiFi S & V for 5 consecutive years, 2004 until 2008.

Atacama had always been a manufacturer of metal and glass products, but in 2011 the next major development happened when Atacama invested in a new plant to process wood and in particular Bamboo composite.  With this new material it created even greater design opportunities whilst offering our customers an ecological alternative to traditional hardwoods. In 2012 & 2013 the Eris Eco 5 won Equipment Support of the year, followed by the Evoque Eco 60-40 and Moseco Speaker Stand in 2014. 

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