Dave Belles has been designing and manufacturing some of the finest sounding amplifiers for over 30 years. Power Modules products are among the finest audio components available, at prices that make high-end audio an attainable reality for most consumers.

All Power Modules products are state-of-the-art designs, using top quality components. Each unit is hand assembled and tested to ensure it meets our high quality standards for fit, finish and audio performance.

Belles have designed several different ranges to meet a variety of power and price requirements. From the awesome 250 watt 350A reference power amplifier, to the less powerful yet still superb basic 150a hot-rod power amplifier, we have what you need. If you require an amplifier with more than 2-channels, then a 150A 3-channel version can be ordered, or even a 6-channel 350A! We have this flexibility.

High quality components, top class engineering skills, careful listening tests all go together to reproduce an audio performance that’s as accurate and as musical as possible. This is the Power Module philosophy; this is Dave Belles and his great affordable products.

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