Black Ravioli

The Black Ravioli System uses combinations of metal, polymers and high modulus reinforcements to both isolate and dissipate energy that can present a threat to the performance of an audio or visual system.

The original Black Ravioli pad, which they introduced nearly ten years ago, provided a simple solution to address the impact of vibration on the performance of system components. They were our initial product and presented the concept that has received much accolade from independent reviewers and the public.

With the benefit of feedback about the original BR Pad they continued to develop and expand on the basic concept. The Sticky Pad, Big Pad and Big Foot products formed the second generation of BR. They added more functionality and capacity options to the same basic concept to dissipate energy from components.

Black Ravioli are now at the Generation 3 of Black Ravioli products which retain the essential DNA of the Black Ravioli concept but introduces additional separation and collection features to improve the performance from a whole system in it’s operating environment.

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