Unison Research - The Italian Maestro's

In 1987, a group of Hi-Fi Enthusiasts came together to create what would become one of the most favourable and memorable valve amplification companies of all time, Unison Research.

The company was led by Giovanni Maria Sacchetti, a passionate musician who was also an accomplished pianist, this meant that he knew and understood music like nobody else.

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Ortofon Trade-In Scheme

The Ortofon Moving Coil Cartridge Exchange Scheme is designed to help existing Ortofon customers update or renew their Hi-Fi system in a much more cost-effective way.

Through the scheme, Ortofon offer a trade-in value for the current range of moving coil cartridges, as well as an extensive list of discontinued models. Through this program, we are able to help customers upgrade, replace or slightly downgrade their current phono cartridge in a more economical way than usual.

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