Chord Electronics

Chord Electronics was founded in 1989 by John Franks who had previously held Directorships with Astec, the world leader in high frequency power supplies, Raytheon and AT&T. Years of research and innovation have been invested in the Chord range. From the outset, when Chord started applying the technologies that lifted products from the mainstream, the company has been leading the field. 

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Convert Technologies

With over 200 combined years of Technology, Software, Business, Production, Sales and Marketing expertise across a broad range of business sectors, the team at Convert have a LOT of knowledge to bring to the business.  With a head office in the heart of Derby, and research and development facilities situated in the countryside of Newbury, Berkshire, Convert Technologies are ideally placed to take the British HiFi market, and the world, by storm.

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Custom Design

Speaker Stand Supports, Speaker Stands, Hifi Furniture, Hifi Tables, Hifi Supports, HiFi Stands, HiFi Equipment Support, HiFi Equipment Stands, HiFi Equipment Tables, HiFi Isolation Supports, HiFi Isolation Tables, HiFi Isolation Stands, HiFi Accessories, HiFi Isolation Accessories Designed and Custom Built by Custom Design, a HiFi Furniture specialist who manufacturers in the UK with a custom built Speaker Stand service..

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Dali, Danish Audiophile Loudspeaker Industries, grew out of Scandinavia's leading audio retail chain in 1983, based on the observation that customers often requested a combinations of size, shape, performance and price that existing brands could not offer. Dali committed themselves fully to the task of creating loudspeakers with outstanding performance and natural sound at competitive prices.

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The Denon Difference

For Denon these are not buzzwords. They are part of the quintessential philosophy behind everything they do. These three words and decades of innovation and engineering excellence is what passionately shapes their entire culture. Every detail of a Denon product is crafted around these words with a single goal in mind: to enhance the entertainment experience.

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About Falcon Acoustics

Falcon was founded in 1972 as Falcon Electronics by the first employee (1961) at KEF Electronics Ltd., Malcolm Jones. As Senior Development Engineer Malcolm did most of the design and development of the legendary KEF drive units - the B139, B200, B110, T15, T27 and the systems in which they were incorporated. He left KEF in 1974 having just completed the famous Reference Series 104 system and work on an active professional monitor to work full time at Falcon Acoustics Ltd.

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Fyne Audio

Scottish-based loudspeaker manufacturer, FYNE AUDIO, is brand new. But the 7-strong management team brings an enviable pedigree of over 200 years’ audio industry experience. Additionally, a recruitment programme is underway to bring in even more industry talent. Fyne audio is seeking more team players with the passion and creative skills to help achieve their goal of designing and manufacturing an exceptional range of high performance loudspeakers.

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Grado Labs is a Brooklyn based company that hand makes headphones and cartridges. Family run since 1953, Grado has seen three generations: Joseph, John, and Jonathan Grado. As Ars Technica says, “…on a quiet street in south Brooklyn is a manufacturing operation that produces some of the most renowned headphones… it's just the Grados in their narrow townhouse making the little-known, well-loved line of headphones.”

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HEOS By Denon

HEOS is a true multi-room system. You can play the same song in every room or any combination of rooms you choose, including a different song in every room. These are distinct advantages over other wireless systems such as Airplay and Bluetooth. HEOS uses standard home wireless technology so you can use your existing router without the need for any new equipment such as a bridging device. The wireless range and sound quality is far superior to Bluetooth and any device on your network running the free HEOS app can control every speaker. Only HEOS comes with 100 years of audio expertise from Denon.

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Luxman was created in 1925 when radio broadcasting started in Japan and has long offered its great acoustics to the audio world. Luxman has been highly rated both at home and abroad as an excellent brand for high quality audio products.

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