Home Demonstrations

Hear it for yourself!

Are you interested in trying out a new turntable, a pair of loudspeakers, an integrated amplifier, or some new interconnect cables in your own system? At Zouch Audio you are more than welcome to do so.

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Records and CD's

How good does it feel to flick through a bunch of records or CD's?

Here at Zouch Audio we thrive to give customers the oppurtunity to own records that they may have once had when they were younger, to own records they once had but regrettably sold it, or to own LP's they could have only dreamed of owning!

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Don't let your sentimental hi-fi suffer!

Do you have an old turntable that you have found in the attic, a CD Player that's started to skip, or an amplifier that has decided to stop working? We can repair that for you!

Here at Zouch Audio our trustworthy engineer will look at almost anything!

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Sound Solutions

Are you getting the best from your hifi system?

We hear so many stories where people have spent large amounts of their hard earned cash on hifi equipment and are hugely disappointed. They find themselves not listening to the system because it has too much bass or it's too bright, has no excitement, no realism and it doesn't have that foot-tapping factor. It simply doesn't make music.

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