DALI Spektor - The Best Of Budget

Whenever we try and think of words to sum DALI Loudpeakers up, the first one that we think is "affordable". Why? Because they truly are, blowing other loudspeaker brands out of the water at their price point without breaking a sweat.

The Dali Spektor range simply backs up why we believe they are so affordable, packing so much detail, dynamics and punch into a sub-£1000 speaker range, we don't know how' they've done it.

The Spektor range boasts 3 different speakers:

The Spektor 1. Well, the price says it all. This very-affordable entry-level speaker will ensure that you get the sound you expect, and more. It is very "Amplifier-Friendly" too, meaning that it's a perfect fit for almost any amplifier in its price category.

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Dali's Spektor 2 develops the sound of the Spektor 1 and gives you that extra bit more. Depth, clarity, detail, you name it. For only £40 more than the smaller Spektor 1, you can get a completely new perspective of the Spektor range.

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And the bigger sibling, the Spektor 6. We've always thought that the Dali Zensor 5's pack a hell of a sound for such a small floorstanding loudspeaker, but when we were told that Dali were going to make a bigger and cheaper floorstander we thought they were mad, until we heard them. You will relish the sound that these give, and at the same time, relish the price that they cost.

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The Spector Range will truly grab your ears and guide them into a world or pure entry-level excellence. Proving that getting a fantastic sound is a lot easier than you think.

The Dali Spektor 6 is available for demonstration here at Zouch Audio.