If you are serious about your music: MonoPulse impulse precision gives holographic reality

Our two ears detect the source of a sound,  by the different arrival times of its impulse leading-edges. Music is full of leading-edges, and they give us our sense of realism and sound-stage. Standard loudspeakers do not accurately time these leading edges.

MonoPulse - the only loudspeaker using phased-array radar technology, has total accuracy. The result is a unique and stunning sense of real-life presence. 

Fidelity from precision - why most of their customers are musicians or engineers? 

The 2016 range - two distinctive designs,  in an unrivalled range of colours and finishes, reflect this groundbreaking MonoPulse speaker technology.

So you can be serious about your music - whatever it is.

(And so you don't waste the accuracy of vinyl at the last step)

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