Don't let your sentimental hi-fi suffer!

Do you have an old turntable that you have found in the attic, a CD Player that's started to skip, or an amplifier that has decided to stop working? We can repair that for you!

Here at Zouch Audio our trustworthy engineer will look at almost anything!

How much does it cost?

All that we ask for upfront is a £25 Non-Refundable Inspection Fee for our engineer's time to assess the repair and the extent of the job in hand.

We will then contact you with a quote of how much the repair will cost. Should you want to go ahead with the repair, we will then notify you of an ETA of how long it will take and another call when it is ready for collection. If you don't want to go ahead with the repair, that isn't a problem! We will simply let you know when your equipment is back at our shop ready for collection.

If you are unsure about your product please contact us or bring it to us so that we can assess it and assist you further.