Tannoy Kensington GR - Prestige Heritage

Zouch Audio are proud to unveil the beautifully crafted flagship Prestige range from Tannoy, one of the UK's leading and most established loudspeaker manufacturers. On display in our main listening room now are the Kensington GR loudspeakersthe mid-range model in the series, designed to suit a typical medium-sized lounge. The attractive, timeless walnut-veneered cabinet design is an excellent match for the amazingly sophisticated sound that the 10" Dual Concentric driver produces.

Tannoy have been producing outstanding Dual Concentric loudspeakers since the late 1940s. Their Monitor Black was followed by the Monitor Red and in 1967 and a new benchmark was reached with the highly-regarded Monitor Gold. This has become an audiophile classic and is the forefather of the Gold Reference Prestige range. Regarding the method of cabinet construction, this has remained relatively unchanged. These beautiful, bespoke pieces of fine acoustic furniture are still hand-crafted from solid wood and hardwood ply laminates by skilled artisans at Tannoy's factory in Coatbridge, Scotland. They are arguably the world's finest traditional loudspeaker cabinets and each speaker in the Prestige range is finished with real walnut veneers, solid walnut mouldings and embellished with ornate luxury metal trim.

Tannoy's heritage in Coatbridge, Scotland goes back to 1978.

The powerful Kensingtons reproduce music effortlessly, allowing long periods of listening without fatigue and providing excellent imaging, exceptional dynamic contrast and overall finesse. Texture and micro-dynamics are present in a wonderfully natural and open sound across the frequency ranges. In conjunction with both the Chord CPM 2800 Integrated Amplifier and the Luxman Pre / Power combo of the CL-38uSE and the MQ-88uSE with the Luxman D-05u CD Player, Daft Punk's "Give Life Back to Music" was true to its title in our tests, with the guitar riffs sparkling and the bassline and drums engaging, it was perfectly natural and easy to follow. "Mirage" by Pentangle sounded incredibly vibrant and pulsating with rich acoustic texture, emotion and a wealth of detail and clarity. Traditional jazz by the MJQ and full orchestral classical by Bernstein on vinyl through the Luxman PD-171A also provided an incredibly realistic and detailed soundstage. 

In short the Kensington GRs are a true reference floorstander with an unforgettable acoustic signature. Zouch Audio welcomes visitors who would like to experience their wonderful audiophile properties.

The Tannoy Kensington GR is available for demonstration at Zouch Audio. For more information, please contact us.