Track Audio

Good Vibrations?

You would not build a house without strong foundations?

Or drive a car with loose suspension. So why expect your hi-fi system to perform at its best without the proper support?

Your hi-fi works by generating sound waves. However for every action, there's a corresponding reaction: in this case, unwanted vibration and resonance. No matter how good your loudspeakers, the in-room audio quality can be significantly reduced by the effect of floor resonance, producing sonic effects ranging from muddy and indistinct notes to a harsh and wearing sound.

Track Audio precision-made speaker stands, isolation feet, spikes and spike shoes are designed to eliminate these effects and unlock the full potential of your hi-fi system.

Precision, Quality and Control

Track Audio's range of support solutions is the result of detailed analysis into the detrimental effects of floor resonance caused by high-output loudspeaker designs. every product and component is designed and manufactured in-house in the UK from the highest quality materials, using detailed computer modelling and ultra-precision machining to ensure meticulous attention to detail and excellent performance.

Track Audio pay equally careful attention to the sourcing of materials and traceability of all parts and processes.

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