Unison Research - The Italian Maestro's

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In 1987, a group of Hi-Fi Enthusiasts came together to create what would become one of the most favourable and memorable valve amplification companies of all time, Unison Research.

The company was led by Giovanni Maria Sacchetti, a passionate musician who was also an accomplished pianist, this meant that he knew and understood music like nobody else. In the early days of Unison Research, they believed that integrated amplifiers were potentially the better-sounding amplifiers with the link of pre-amp and power-amp together, instead of using exernal cables. This led them to focusing on integrated designs, which is when they created the Triode 20 and the Simply-Two Integrated Amplifiers. These amplifiers raised the bar for audiophile-grade valve systems.

29 years on, and Unison Research are still finding ways to improve. Take a look at some of their extensive catalogue of products below to see what masterpieces they have to offer.

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The Simply Italy is based upon Unison's iconic Simply-Two Integrated Amplifier. The front panel of the Simply Italy is locally-sourced wood, giving it a truly stunning Italian look.

What HiFi: “we can think of no finer option than this Unison Research. It’s well built, solidly engineered and sounds great.” - Read the full review here.

Jimmy Hughes, HiFi Choice: “My regular amplifier – Musical Fidelity’s kW-750 – offers a massive 750W per channel, and therefore has power to spare. That the little Simply Italy stood its ground against such a beast is quite an achievement.”

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The original Triode 20 amplifier was the first amplifier made by Giovanni and his team in the late 1980's, which lit the first valve in Unison Research's future. 25 years on Unison reignite that valve with a modern twist to a classic amplifier. Onboard this stylish amp is a DSD DAC, putting it in the market for digital audiophiles who use a computer as a source for their high-quality music.

What Hi-Fi: "Yet another superb design from Unison Research. Great to use and even better to listen to.” - Read the full review here.

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The Preludio is the next level up from the Simply Italy. This beautiful looking amp has an ultra-linear Class A output that chugs out an impressive 14 Watts per channel. Aesthetically this looks similar to the bigger brother, the Sinfonia. (see below)

Martin Pipe, HiFi World: “There was a good sense of rhythm and timing and the richness of the brass was pleasantly conveyed.”

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The Sinfonia is Unison Research's attempt to lower the price bracket for high-end equipment. It is based on the Performance, it has a very similar technical ability and design to the Performance, but for 50% of the price.

What HiFi: "Add all that to the seductive sound, impressive build and the alluring glow of valves, and you have one alluring product.” - Read the full review here.

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The Unico Series boasts a unique look against their valve amplification. The CD Player has a brushed aluminium front plate, proving that you don't have to pay big bucks for stunning looks or a stunning sound.

Stuart Smith, Hi-Fi Pig: " you will be rewarded with a rich, warm, vibrant sound that is also full of detail and bounce."- Read the full review here.

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This is the entry-level amplifier in the Unico range, but it acts like one of the higher-end models. The driver and the power stages that have been used on the more expensive Unison Research amplifiers are present in the Primo, and the power supply has been revised against previous models, improving dynamics, bass response and drive capability. All in all, this amplifier is one serious product.

HiFi Choice: “This is an amp that lives up to its billing and works brilliantly with the Unico CDE. Build quality, extremely and internally – including the smooth-running controls and the twin sets of loudspeaker terminals – is excellent.”

And this only the start of their range! Unison Research appeal to the customers that have never heard a valve transistor in their life, to customers that live and breathe valves. To browse more Unison Research products, please click here, or if you would like a demonstration please contact us.