Chord SPM 1400 MkII

Brand: Chord

When nothing but pure unadulterated power, super low distortion, precision, and immense realism is demanded our mono amplification range delivers an experience like never before, launching you into an infinite period of musical rediscovery.

With Chord Electronics Limited’s considerable experience in the design and manufacture of the world’s best consumer and professional amplifiers, they are proud to announce their latest design of power amplifier utilising their high frequency power supply techniques and their own proprietary lateral structure dual-die MOSFETs. This amplifier provides all the benefits of mono amplification whilst retaining all of the much loved qualities of Chord Electronics amplifiers. Improvements in capacitor technology have boosted secondary reservoir levels to 94,000 µF storing over 381 Joules of energy. A “Superamp” in all but dimensions, this amplifier is for those whose goal is direct comparison between live and recorded music, a sentiment echoed by reviewer and customers alike.

Hi-Fi News magazine praised the latest-generation SPM 1400 MkII mono power amp in its September 2013 edition. The issue features an in-depth review of Chord's mono power amp and sums up by saying: “Beautiful to behold by both eye and ear, Chord’s MkII SPM 1400 monoblocks offer spectacular insight into music. Majoring on clarity, timing and delivering natural realism like few other power amps at any price, they tick every box in the audiophile hi-fi check list. Neutral, detailed and with breathtaking resolution.” Hi-Fi News gave the ‘1400MkII their ‘Highly Commended’ award.

A high current mains filter ensures that the amplifier is shielded from disturbed mains as well as ensuring that the mains is untouched by emissions from the amplifier. The output from the power supply uses a truly innovative “Dynamic Coupling” technique whereby the positive and negative rails are mutually coupled by a strong magnetic flux. The result being that if a high demand is put on one rail, the energy required is actually drawn equally from both rails. This keeps the amplifier balanced dynamically and the reference point perfectly clean.

Analogue Inputs: 

               1 x RCA (Inverted), 1 x RCA (Uninverted)

Digital Inputs: 

               1 x XLR (Inverted), 1 x XLR (Uninverted)

Analogue Outputs:

               N / A

Digital Outputs:

               N / A

Power Output:

               480 Watts into 8Ω (0.05% Distortion)

               800 Watts into 4Ω

Frequency Response:

               -1dB @ 0.2Hz to 46kHz / -3dB 0.1Hz to 77kHz

Mono / Stereo:


Single Wire / BiWire:


Dimensions (W x H x D):

               480 x 190 x 355mm (With Integra Legs)

               420 x 150 x 355mm (Without Integra Legs)



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