Emilen Audio Equinox Phono Stage

Brand: Emilen Audio

From ghostly silences to stunning dynamics, this reference level phono stage allows the finest moving coil cartridges to show off their best.

Providing a wide-open doorway into the realms of vinyl magic, it retrieves amazing detail without ever fatiguing the listener.

Being a perfect partner to our matching Pre-Amplifier, the Equinox MC Phono Stage is named after the original Equinox products from 1990. This was the UK’s first serious low noise MC stage and received superb reviews, not only regarding sonic performance but also for its meticulous build quality.

Our new phono stage has been refined in every area to achieve the highest possible performance and proudly carries the name of the original pioneering design.

The audio sections are dual mono with two identical PCBs, one mounted above the other to achieve the shortest possible signal paths between the inputs and the outputs.

Because we will not accept loading switches in the front-end of our circuits, we provide two parallel input connectors, one 5-pin XLR and a pair of phono sockets. These provide a choice of input connector types from the turntable with the other connector being used for cartridge loading.

The balanced inputs each use two ultra-low noise devices in series to provide wide bandwidth and exceptionally low distortion which results in a noise floor far below that of even the best vinyl.

The passive RIAA filter components are hand measured and matched so that the frequency response of each channel is identical. This attention to detail even includes measuring capacitor values after they have been soldered into the boards to ensure perfect matching. The result is ultra-precise and stable stereo imaging.

The output section shares the same line driver circuits that the Equinox Pre-Amplifier uses, these being identical to its headphone output driver.  This output capability helps maintain the dynamic range and low distortion performance of this phono stage into any real-world load.

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