Emilen Audio ES-1 Reference Loudspeakers

The ES-1 Reference was designed to provide the best of both worlds, outstanding stereo imaging together with extended frequency response and dynamic range.

This active three-way design uses a total of five drivers to ensure effortless power handling. These are split over two separate enclosures to enable the blend of small speaker imaging and large speaker dynamics to be achieved.

DSP control provides precise driver correction and crossover functions which cannot be realistically achieved with conventional crossover networks.

Three class-D amplifiers provide a total of 600W per channel. These are directly coupled to the drivers to provide the tightest control possible.

The top enclosure incorporates a single tweeter and pair of mid-range drivers in an M-T-M array. These are mounted on a small curved baffle to minimise refraction effects and provide accurate stereo imaging.

The lower cabinet houses two fast 8″ bass drivers in a reflex enclosure. This is tuned with a low Q to provide fast accurate bass performance without sounding forced.

The bass cabinet is internally lined with carbon fibre to add stiffness and minimise flexing. This is then lined with a special three-layer damping material.

The result is a loudspeaker which is detailed, dynamic and fast. It can portray the delicacy of a solo vocalist in a realistic soundstage or deliver the slam of a rock concert.

  • Active with DSP control
  • Three way design, five drivers in total
  • Separate top enclosure for tweeter and midranges
  • The lower cabinet houses two fast 8″ bass drivers in a reflex enclosure
  • Solid walnut and walnut veneer used for main panels
  • Internally stiffened with carbon fibre lining
  • Damped with a special three-layer material

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