Townshend Maximum Supertweeters

Brand: Townshend Audio

Maximum Supertweeters heighten the sense of realism in music by extending the frequency response of conventional hi-fi speakers up to 90kHz. Although this way above the theoretical limit of human hearing the presence of these frequencies creates a sense of naturalness and reveals detail right down into the bass. 

Maximum Supertweeters allow you to get utmost pleasure from both digital and analogue formats by accurately revealing high frequency detail above 6kHz. Even though a CD cannot produce information above 20kHz Maximum Supertweeters make the format sound more natural and reveal a wealth of extra detail when compared with dome tweeters. This is because of the much faster response of the ultra-light ribbon diaphragm when compared with the much slower response of a relatively heavy dome assembly. 

The Maximum Supertweeter works from 6kHz upwards making it better able to produce the leading edge of each transient without time smear. That’s why it makes a system sound more relaxed and natural, as it can respond to the signal with greater speed and greater accuracy. 

Frequency Response:

               Up to 90kHz

Amplifier Power:

               Up to 400W, unclipped music


               89dB (Max.)

Nominal Impedance:

              20Ω (Min. 11Ω)

Dimensions (W x H x D):

               50 x 30 x 100mm


               0.5kg (Each)

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