Brand: Dali

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In the loudspeaker arena, a battle is raging. On the one hand, design-oriented brands hope that you will be so dazzled by a shiny, sexy exterior that you forgive the mediocre sound on offer. Then there are performance-oriented brands that expect you to clutter your living space with large boxes as the price of admission for a thrilling, realistic viewing and listening experience.

Dali Motif is proof positive that, when done right, form and function can be allies instead of mortal enemies. The uid, organic lines of the diecast aluminium Motif enclosure is a perfect example. The distinctive styling and curved forms are much more than artistic whims. They also provide enhanced structural integrity, reduced vibration and no parallel surfaces, all key elements in the pure, musical tone of these masterful loudspeakers.

The solid diecast aluminium casing in black or white high gloss lacquer features stylish chrome trim and a protective front grille held rmly in place by 20 neodymium magnets for a smooth, seamless whole.

Dali Motif is the ideal fusion of art and science, combining aspirational levels of creativity, imagination and vision to match our technical skills and expertise in the elds of acoustics and furniture making.

Frequency Range:

               78 - 25,000Hz



Nominal Impedance:


Single Wire / BiWire:

               Integrated in Click'n Connect Wall Mount

Dimensions (W x H x D):

               157 x 385 x 100 (vertically)

               385 x 157 x 100 (horizontally)



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