Townshend Seismic Isolation Platform

Brand: Townshend Audio

Seismic Vibration Isolation Platform

Ultra-thin platform disappears under equipment

Enhances clarity across the frequency range

Delivers wider and deeper soundstages

Improves bass definition

Reduced muddiness and smear

Makes transients clearer

Especially designed to isolate individual components such as CD players, turntables, DACs, preamplifiers, power amplifiers, computers, and streamers from deleterious vibration. The Seismic Isolation Platform includes a durable slim steel top plate that integrates unobtrusively under any hi-fi component.

The acoustically dead constrained-layer damped plate combined with a Seismic Load Cell™ attached to each corner is the ultimate combination to absorb and isolate unwanted vibration, including structural, air-borne and that generated by the hi-fi equipment.

The Seismic Isolation Platform is available in three standard sizes:

Size 1 43x30cm (17×12")

Size 2 48x35cm (19×14")

Size 3 52x40cm (20.5×16")

Platform working height is approximately 40mm (1.5")

The Platform can be levelled by turning the adjustable Seismic Load Cell™. It is important to specify the weight of your equipment when ordering. Bespoke platforms are available for any size or weight of audio equipment. Seismic Platforms are available with seven different weight range capacities, varying progressively from less than 1 kg up to 200kg.

The maximum load when using four (4) type "F" Load Cells is 200kg (440lb). For loads greater than this, simply add more Load Cells. Virtually any weight of equipment can be isolated. Each Load Cell is screw adjustable in height to allow for out of balance loads where the centre of gravity of the component is not near its geometrical centre. If the level balance cannot be achieved, then it is suggested to use additional Seismic Pods positioned under the Platform as necessary, to balance the load.

For asymmetric components such as a valve (tube) amplifier with the transformers at the rear, different load capability Seismic Load Cells™ can be used to balance the load. We suggest, for reasons of ease of set-up and loads that are not equally distributed, that consumers always select the stronger Load Cell where two values overlap in the graph below. For example, when using four (4) type "C" Load Cells, the maximum supported weight should be equal to or less than 52.4 Kg.

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