Townshend Seismic Speaker Bars

Brand: Townshend Audio

Seismic Isolation Bars are designed to break the acoustic connection between the speakers and the floor, thus preventing the passage of unwanted vibration between the two. Used in pairs under any speaker, be it floor standing, stand-mounted or sub-woofers. 


Because of the very compliant nature of the Seismic Load Cells™, the speakers effectively float in the room at frequencies above 3 Hz. Each bar comprises a very strong steel cross-piece with raised ends under which are attached two Seismic Load Cells™. 


When installed you experience The Seismic Effect! The sound improves dramatically, with wider stage width and greater depth and the sound becomes independent of the speakers. Bass becomes tighter and more real, with thuddy boom greatly reduced. A major plus is that the sound of the speakers is no longer transmitted through the structure of the building with the same intensity so your neighbours will probably not hear your music! 


By using Seismic Isolation Bars you will be able to enjoy your music at its natural volume level, – as if you were listening to a live performance – without annoying the neighbours! 

•  Produce a wider and deeper sound stage. 


•  Enhance clarity throughout the whole frequency range.


•  Improve bass definition.


•  Allow for neighbour friendly high level listening.

Size 1 / 2: (up to 35cm/13.7" equipment width)

Size 3 / 4: (up to 55cm/21.6" equipment width)

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