Goldring Lenco L-70 Turntable

One of the biggest trends within the audio world of late has been the vinyl revival. As a result turntables have been in high demand, both new and old, with many of these older decks being restored to their former glory - or in many instances improved and upgraded. The turntable we have here is a perfect candidate for just such a restoration. Well regarded in its time, and with a bit of TLC this deck could take pride of place in any lounge or living room.


Lenco Say....

The L-70 is a precision-built record player meeting all the requirements of the Hi-Fi enthusiast. The unit is wired both for Stereo and Mono. The speed can be adjusted to 16, 33 1/3, 45, and 78r.p.m. in addition to which the speed is infinitely variable from 30 to 86r.p.m.

The turntable is driven through an intermediate wheel by a very quietly running 4-pole motor. The turntable is made of die-cast zinc, and weighs 3.6kg. The pick-up arm pivots on four special ball bearings, and the stylus pressure can be adjusted. A scale which is arranged on the pick-up arm allows for the adjusting of the correct stylus pressure for every type of Pick-up Head. The Pick-up arm is raised and lowered by means of a lowering arm, which is coupled to the on/off switch. The use of this lowering arm can save the stylus and records from damage.

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